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You are not alone in your ASMD journey

See how others living with ASMD manage their symptoms and daily challenges

JJ’s Story: Living with ASMD

Find out how JJ handles the physical and
emotional challenges of living with ASMD

Jack’s Story: Living with ASMD

Jack shares how he balances life
as a kid and his ASMD

Resources to support you on your ASMD journey

Below are various professional medical organizations, national disease groups, and education websites that work to support ASMD patients and their families and caregivers.

This listing is provided as a resource only and does not constitute an endorsement by Sanofi Genzyme of any particular organization or its programming. Additional resources on this topic may be available and should be investigated. Sanofi Genzyme does not review or control the content of non-Sanofi Genzyme websites.

Improve communication with your healthcare team
Improve Communication with Your Healthcare Team
ASMD is passed down in families
ASMD is Passed Down in Families