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Downloadable resources for providers

Hear from real HCPs about their experience managing patients with ASMD

Pulmonologist Perspective

Geneticist Perspective

Hepatologist Perspective

See how ASMD impacts the lives of patients and families

JJ’s Story: Living with ASMD

Find out how JJ handles the physical and
emotional challenges of living with ASMD

Jack’s Story: Living with ASMD

Jack shares how he balances life as a
kid while managing his ASMD

Each patient story reflects the real-life experiences of individuals diagnosed with ASMD. Individual experiences may vary. Content from these videos should not be considered medical advice.

Patient support networks

Below are various professional medical organizations, national disease groups, education websites, and patient assistance programs that work to support ASMD patients and their families and caregivers.

This listing is provided as a resource only and does not constitute an endorsement by Sanofi of any particular organization or its programming. Additional resources on this topic may be available and should be investigated. Sanofi does not review or control the content of non-Sanofi websites.

Patient website

Sanofi is committed to assisting you in educating your patients about ASMD. The website below provides information on ASMD for patients and caregivers.

Visit patient website April,
Living with ASMD
Living with ASMD
ASMD can decrease lifespan and quality of life
ASMD can decrease
lifespan and
quality of life
Parallel test for ASMD and Gaucher
parallel test for asmd and gaucher